Shopping in good conscience

Carefully selected ingredients

For our products, we choose only organic ingredients that are naturally derived. No artificial growth promoters that accelerate growth negatively have been used. There is no need to rush in the ecological world!

Waste and recycling

We separate all of your garbage without exceptions: metal, glass, plastic, paper and cardboard – all has its own place. When the containers are full the garbage is transported to a waste facility, where most of it is recycled and the rest is incinerated in their proper temperatures for minimal toxic emissions.

Clever refill system

With our clever and unique refill system, the same bottles can be user over and over again. Customers only need to pay for their bottle once and then return to the shop to refill it. This is good for both the environment and your wallet!

Eco-friendly shipping to retailers

We offer DHL Eco-friendly shipping as an alternative when our Swedish retailers order products. By selecting Eco-friendly shipping as shipping option, we support efforts to redirect shipments of fossil fuels for trucks that run on renewable fuels.